Evidence Based Investigations and Prosecution of Domestic Violence Cases

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Casey Gwinn, JD, President of the Alliance, and Kelsey McKay, JD, Assistant DA, Travis County Texas, will present on the evidence-based investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases. They will discuss the history of evidenced-based investigation and prosecution, the history around Crawford v. Washington, and the impact of collaborative services (including Family Justice Centers, MDTs, and CCRs) on evidenced-based investigation and prosecution. Casey Gwinn was one of the first prosecutors in the country to develop an evidence based approach to the prosecution of domestic violence cases in the mid-1980's in San Diego and helped lead the national push toward prosecuting cases even if the victim was unable or unwilling to participate in the case. Kelsey McKay is currently prosecuting domestic violence cases in Austin, Texas and serves on the faculty of the Alliance's Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention.