FJCs as a Safe Haven: Breaking Down Barriers to Services for Immigrant and Refugee Survivors

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Alliance for HOPE International presents a 90-minute webinar with staff from the New York City Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender Based Violence (ENDGBV), Arab American Family Support Center and the New York Legal Assistance Group (NYLAG), who discussed how the five New York City Family Justice Centers (FJCs) provide safe havens for immigrant and refugee survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. The webinar focused on how they provide holistic and supportive services to immigrant and refugee survivors, the benefit of the FJC model for immigrant and refugee survivors, and how they work collaboratively with other partners at the FJCs to ensure survivors are able to access culturally specific case management and legal services, including filing for immigration legal remedies (U and T visas).

Keywords: refugees, refugee survivors, safe haven

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