From Safety Planning to Wellbeing Planning – A Toolkit for Change

In collaboration with Alliance for HOPE International, the Full Frame Initiative published this toolkit titled From Safety Planning to Wellbeing Planning: A Toolkit for Change. This resource is designed primarily for programs that focus their work with people who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. It provides actionable information, exercises, and tools to help shift from a singular focus on short-term safety toward increasing survivor safety in the context of creating opportunities to support long-term wellbeing. People who have experienced domestic and sexual violence, like all of us, are more than their problems and crises. And like all of us, they are hard-wired to increase their access to not just safety, but also stability, social connectedness, mastery and meaningful access to relevant resources--the universal needs and experiences essential to health and hope (the Five Domains of Wellbeing). This toolkit explores the intersection of safety and wellbeing and how existing safety plans can be assessed and improved upon to support survivors in accessing long-term wellbeing.

This toolkit can also be downloaded from the Full Frame Initiative's website by clicking here.

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