Polyvictimization: The Legacy of The Initiative and the Future of a Groundbreaking Framework

This webinar will help professionals understand polyvictimization, the new National Polyvictimization Assessment Tool, and the corresponding victim services framework that can enhance the response of Family Justice Centers and victim service organizations to survivors with numerous victimizations in their lives (childhood and adult).
Drawing from observations and lessons learned in the multi-year, Office for Victims of Crime-funded National Polyvictimization Initiative, speakers will discuss how assessing for a survivor’s lifetime history of trauma allows providers to identify survivor needs more holistically and provide the range of services needed to address those complex needs more comprehensively.
The panel of speakers will share how this framework has transformed the way their Family Justice Centers operate, including the expansion of partnerships and the way their frontline staff now engage with survivors and help them find pathways to hope and healing. Speakers will also address the challenges they have encountered in implementing this framework, as well as the practical steps they have taken to overcome those challenges. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A segment with the panel to learn more about developing this framework in their own agency or organizations.

September 30, 2023   assessment tool     domestic violence     DV     family justice center     FJC     FJCA     framework     groundbreaking     polyvictimization