Increasing Wellbeing through Trauma Informed Practices

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The Full Frame Initiative (FFI) believes that every person in this country has a right to wellbeing. And all of us - from janitor to judge, senior executive to senior citizen, adult to adolescent - share a set of universal needs that are critical to our wellbeing. These essential human needs are what FFI defines as The Five Domains of Wellbeing – social connectedness, stability, safety, mastery and meaningful access to relevant resources. While we share a common need for assets in all of these domains, each of us experiences access to wellbeing and the domains in different and deeply personal ways, influenced by many factors, including experiences of and responses to trauma. And survivors of trauma are more than just that experience and success often means more than just addressing safety concerns and healing from trauma. How would our advocacy be different if we used trauma informed practices as one important strategy toward the larger goal of supporting whole people to increase their wellbeing?

This webinar will provide an overview of the evidence-informed Five Domains of Wellbeing framework and explore the intersection between wellbeing, trauma and trauma informed practices.