2022 Imaging Recommendations For The Patient Who Has Been Strangled: Saving The Lives of Survivors

PowerPoint Presentation

The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention is excited to host our 2022 webinar on Imaging Recommendations for the Patient who has been Strangled with leading forensic experts in the field.
Together, the panelists will cover:

  • The long journey to Imaging
  • How & why the recommendations were developed
  • The top 5 FAQs about implementing the imaging recommendations
  • Updates and lessons learned since the recommendations that were first published in 2016
  • Review of recent imaging articles
  • Recommendations for the patient who has been strangled

Join our CEO, Gael Strack, JD, our President, Casey Gwinn, JD, our Medical Advisory Committee Co-Chairs, Dr. William Green, and Dr. Bill Smock, and our Medical Advisors, Dr. Michael Weaver, Dr. Ralph Riviello, and Dr. Sean Dugan, on this important topic.

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