Strategic Planning – FJCs

Guiding the Development and Implementation of Your Center – Alliance – 2011
Created and hosted by the Alliance in May of 2011, this webinar focuses on the importance of strategic planning for developing Family Justice Centers. The webinar provides an overview of the recommended planning process, outlines effective strategies, and provides a list of available resources related to strategic planning for developing Centers.


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Participatory Strategic Planning – Alliance – 2009
Created by the Alliance in March of 2009, this presentation discusses the following topics: why bother with strategic planning; who needs to be involved; what does a typical planning process consist of; what works best; when should I not engage in strategic planning; where do I get a good planner; what other tips do we have for successful planning; and what can the Alliance do for you as you go forward with planning your center.

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Family Justice Center Steering Committee Questions – Cleveland Family Justice Center – 2010
These questions were prepared by the Family Justice Center Steering Committee in Cuyahoga County, Ohio during the planning process for their Family Justice Center. Casey Gwinn met with the Steering Committee in September 2010 to address these questions and identify resources in the Alliance Resource Library to assist in their important discussion around each of these important issues.


Invitation to Elected Officials for Strategic Planing – Honolulu – 2010
Created by the Honolulu Family Justice Center in March of 2010, this is an invitation letter to elected officials for a FJC Strategic Planning Meeting. It outlines the start of the Honolulu Center, and the history of the FJC movement.



Strategic Planning – Glen Price – 2009
Created by Glen Price in April of 2009 for the 9th Annual International FJC Conference, this presentation highlights the importance of strategic planning in developing an effective Family Justice Center. It details different approaches to strategic planning, and the need for team and organizational development as part of the planning process.


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Strategic Planing is not for the Faint of Heart – Alliance – 2007
Created in November of 2007, this PowerPoint addresses strategic planning for Family Justice Centers. The PowerPoint includes recommended steps to get started and information about managing the FJC development process.



Tips on How to Keep Your Team Focused – Alliance – 2009
Created by the Alliance in 2009, this is a sample PowerPoint for workgroup sessions centered on how to keep your FJC team focused.