Pediatric Strangulation, Part 2

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Presented by: Gael Strack, JD; Bill Smock, MD; Cathy Baldwin Johnson, MD; Diana Faugno, MSN, RN; Val Sievers, MSN, RN; and Jennifer Green, RN, BSN, BA

This webinar will continue where we left off with Pediatric Strangulation, Part 1. In Pediatric Strangulation Part I, our panelists covered: Underestimation & lack of research; How kids are different; Clinical presentation of pediatric strangulation; Short & long term risks of strangulation in children; Differential diagnosis; Recommended medical evaluation of strangled children and provided an introduction to documentation recommendations.

In Pediatric Strangulation Part 2, our panelists will provide a brief summary from Pediatric Strangulation Part I; discuss the non-acute documentation forms in more detail; share and demonstrate the photography protocol and discharge instructions; provide an in-depth case study of a pediatric patient and leave plenty of time for questions and answers with our panelists.

1. Provide a brief summary from the Pediatric Strangulation Part I and an update.
2. Discuss clinical tools and resources available for evaluation of the patient who has been strangled.
3. Demonstrate the photography protocol
4. Provide an in-depth case study that includes a history of multiple episodes of strangulation in a pediatric patient.
5. Leave plenty of time for questions and answers with our panelists.