Polyvictimization Assessment Tool Resource Guidebook

Created by the Alliance, under the Creating Pathways to Justice, Hope, and Healing Polyvictimization Demonstration Initiative, this Guidebook is designed as a 'how-to' for frontline staff implementing the Polyvictimization Assessment Tool. This Guidebook is a reference for staff and Centers before they ever utilize the Tool with a survivor.

This Guidebook also contains an appendix of resources by national experts on the categories of trauma and symptomology as well as the Polyvictimization Assessment Tool in English, Spanish, and Russian.

The Polyvictimization Assessment Tool is located in the appendix of this Resource Guidebook. We strongly recommend that this Assessment Tool not be implemented without specialized training from the Alliance or OVC-approved trainers. We also recommend that any agency using the Assessment Tool partners with a local researcher to manage the data collected. If you have interest in receiving training around working within a polyvictimization framework and utilizing the Assessment Tool, please contact info@allianceforhope.com. Training from the Alliance can be provided in-person or online at a federally approved rate.