Imaging Recommendations for the Medical/Radiographic Evaluation of Acute Adult, Non-Fatal Strangulation

“When a victim of non-fatal strangulation presents to the emergency department it is critical for the medical provider to rule-out potential life-threatening injuries,” said William Smock, M.D. the Police Surgeon for the Louisville Metro Police Department and the Chair of the Institute’s Medical Advisory Board. The Board today, with unanimous support from their expert physicians, released Medical Radiographic Imaging Recommendations, based on the latest medical literature, for hospitals and medical providers across America. “The goals of the recommendations include calling for doctors to evaluate the carotid and vertebral arteries for injuries, the bony/cartilaginous and soft tissue neck structure, and the brain for anoxic injuries,” said Dr. Smock. “The recommendations have already been implemented and adopted by more than 100 hospitals and academic emergency medicine programs around the world,” said Dr. Smock.

Keywords: imaging guidelines, protocol, imaging, recommendations, protocols/imaging

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