The Danger of Strangulation

The Danger of Strangulation is a training video clip of San Diego Firefighter and Paramedic Mitch Mendler, Joe Russo, Danielle Bebee and San Diego Police Detective Rena Hernandez, who demonstrate how to educate a victim about the danger of strangulation using the new strangulation assessment card.

The strangulation assessment card was developed by the San Diego Fire Department in partnership with the Institute. It was designed to assist EMS to easily determine the signs and symptoms of strangulation out in the field, use a quick checklist called “STRANGLE” to remember important key steps, understand life-threatening injuries, understand when to transport, provide the victim information about strangulation assaults and also provide medical providers notice about the need for imaging and the new medical imaging recommendations.

We are grateful to the San Diego Fire Department and the San Diego Police Department who assisted with this training video as well as Dr. Bill Smock and Dr. Jim Dunford who reviewed and approved the strangulation assessment card.

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