Victim Advocacy and Interviewing

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This webinar will focus on interviewing and advocacy techniques designed to help prosecutors,
advocates, and law enforcement to work with survivors of sexual assault. We will address ways
to build trust and rapport, to gain the most information from witnesses and to answer common
questions about the system. Because victims have specific fears about sexual assault
prosecutions, we will talk through some sensitive conversations that you may need to have,
including topics like plea negotiations, preparation for likely cross-examination, and addressing
inconsistencies. Finally, we will discuss interactions with journalistic media, defense counsel,
and social media.

October 10, 2023   advocacy     cross-examination     defense counsel     FJCA     guide     inconsistencies     interactions     interviewing     journalistic media     Korobov     law enforcement     plea negotiations     prosecution     prosecutors     sexual assault     social media     survivors     techniques     victim     webinar