Webinar: VOICES Bootcamp – Day 1

Our National VOICES Survivor Advocacy Network was very excited to attend the Annual FJC Conference. Not everyone could join, so the network requested the Alliance host a VOICES Virtual Bootcamp. Our team and the VOICES Network took 6 months to develop topics and an agenda for 2 half days of training and VOICES insights, both days feature the VOICES of survivors. With the permission of our VOICES members, we are sharing this training to help directors of Family Justice Centers, new and existing VOICES chapters, and survivors looking to start a new chapter, create wonderful and vibrant VOICES chapters around the country!

Day 1 of the VOICES Virtual Bootcamp covered a number of issues. It starts with the History of VOICES and Why You Should Start a VOICES Chapter. We follow that with Recruiting and Retaining VOICES Members. We end the day with Who is Ready to Be in VOICES. These sessions include comments from the founders of the movement, Gael Strack and Casey Gwinn, the leader of our National Network Meeting, Yvonne Coiner, one of earliest VOICES member and VOICES Director of the North County Family Justice Center, Lisbet Perez, and VOICES member of One Safe Place in Fort Worth, Megan Hiatt, with OSP Director Michelle Morgan!

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