What Attorneys Need to Know About Strangulation

Course PowerPoint

This course is being hosted by the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention. Our speakers include Laura Zimm, Assistant Public Defender from Duluth, Minnesota, Jerry Fineman, Retired Assistant District Attorney from the Riverside District Attorney’s Office, Dr. Sean Dugan, Director of Forensic Services at Shasta Community Health Clinic and Director of the California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center specializing in sexual assault, child abuse and strangulation forensic exams and Gael Strack, CEO & Co-Founder of the Alliance for HOPE International and the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention.

Together our presenters will:

·         Answer the question, why you should attend this training,

·         Provide a quick overview of strangulation laws and top articles to read,

·         Explain the important role defense attorneys play in handling strangulation/suffocation cases,

·         Explain why stranglers are different,

·         Help you identify and understand the significance of the medical signs and symptoms commonly found in strangulation and suffocation assaults,

·         Explain the immediate, delayed and long-term consequences of strangulation/suffocation and why it’s not just a misdemeanor,

·         Discuss common defenses, including self-defense and how to identify the dominant aggressor,

·         Talk frankly about the use of experts, and

·         Leave time for questions.

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