Working LGBTQ and/or HIV-Affected Survivors or Intimate Partner Violence at Family Justice Center

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LGBTQ and/or HIV-affected people experience IPV at least as often as anyone else, but they face significant barriers to accessing safety, support, and services. This workshop will illustrate how first responders and mainstream service providers can best to identify, serve, and support all survivors, across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identity. Specific attention will be given to how to create safe spaces at Family Justice Centers that welcome and affirm LGBTQ survivors of IPV.

October 9, 2023   affected     barriers     Campos-Johnson     domestic violence     DV     family justice center     first responders     FJC     FJCA     gender     HIV     identity     intimate partner violence     IPV     LGBTQ+     providers     safety     services     sexual orientation     support     survivors     webinar     working     workshop