Bob Moffitt – Capital Public Radio – A center with services for victims of family violence is one step closer to becoming a reality in Sacramento.

Former Sacramento County District Attorney Jan Scully is the driving force behind the new  non-profit center.

“The Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center is almost a one-stop shop serving victims of family violence which includes domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse and human trafficking.”

Scully says it’s difficult now for victims to get the help they need because the services are not in a single location. She says many people get frustrated and return to the abusive homes they were trying to escape.

“They give up and go back because they have nothing. So, we’re very excited with a holistic approach actually complementing and enhancing existing programs, which will impact quality of life and put a major dent in violence in our community.”

The center will offer housing, counseling, and legal services to victims.

Sacramento County has agreed to help establish the center by providing the use of a building across from the family courthouse on Power Inn Road.

The center has already begun the process of hiring staff and plans to open its doors in the fall of 2016.

Legal services will be offered in the courthouse in June to people waiting in line for restraining orders.

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