Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office – The Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center (SRFJC) Board of Directors and District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert are excited to announce a location has been secured for the soon-to-be operational SRFJC.

Spearheaded by former District Attorney and current SRFJC Board Chair Jan Scully, this tremendous milestone is the culmination of a community-wide effort to bring a Family Justice Center to the Sacramento region.

Although the county has more than 80 agencies that serve domestic violence and human trafficking victims, many victims are not aware of all of the services they are eligible for and how to obtain them.

With much planning and support from the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, the Sacramento County Executive Officer Bradley J. Hudson, and the county’s Real Estate Department along with local landowners and commercial real estate agents, attorneys, and community supporters victims will now have a place to go where they can access all of the services they need in one place.

The SRFJC will be a collaborative hub of multicultural and multidisciplinary services, bringing together nonprofit and government agencies in one safe and inclusive environment for victims.  From legal assistance with obtaining a restraining order, reporting a crime, meeting a victim advocate to learn about the court process, to counseling and finding safe housing, the Center will work to ensure our women, children, and men do not fall back into the hands of abusers.

The SRFJC will be located on Power Inn Road.  There will be a legal center housed inside the Sacramento Family Courthouse with the main collaborative service center located adjacent to the courthouse.  This will allow the Center to provide services to victims who must already visit the Family Court for restraining orders. The goal is to begin with the legal services portion of the center with the service center opening once interior improvements are completed in approximately six months.

SRFJC Board Chair Jan Scully states, “On behalf of our entire Board of Directors, I am so grateful to all those who have supported and participated in the effort to make the opening of the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center a reality.  We look forward to celebrating this achievement and showing our appreciation at our grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony in the coming months.”

“The District Attorney’s Office has remained integrally involved in establishing the SRFJC and will be a key participant in this collaborative,” said District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert. “It is my priority to not only prosecute abusers and sex traffickers, but to also ensure their victims receive the services they need to stay safe.”

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