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Strangulation Mar. 2020 E-News

For this March E-News, we focus on the role of media by sharing top news from 2020 and highlighting our newly created Media Guide. Our featured leader is Rachel Snyder and her bestselling book “No... Read More

Strangulation Feb. 2020 E-News

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention

2019 was a very busy year. The Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention (Institute) stayed focused on our core strategic directions and worked closely with our National Partners and Advisors from the Medical, Legal, and Advocacy... Read More

An Introduction to Survivor Wealth and Wellness Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2020

Survivors need money to stay safe and heal. In order to break the cycle of violence, we must prioritize survivor wealth both for survivors and the service providers that support them. FreeFrom is on a... Read More

VOICES Coloring Book

National VOICES Committee - 2020

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The VOICES Coloring Book is currently being updated to include additional information and resources. It will be available again shortly. Please check back soon to download the updated PDF of the VOICES Coloring... Read More

Understanding the Rage and Lethality of Men Who Strangle Webinar

In this webinar, the leading experts in the field will discuss for the first time, the connection between ACEs, rage and stranglers, the need to develop new strategies in the treatment and supervision of men... Read More

2019 Leadership Summit Highlights

Alliance for HOPE International - 2020

Whether you have just started down the road toward greater collective impact or have been part of this movement from the beginning, our Annual Leadership Summit presented a chance for leaders from around the world... Read More

TCFV BIPP Webinar on Strangulation: The Last Warning Shot

Gael Strack, CEO of Alliance for HOPE International and the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention presents on strangulation as it relates to Batter Intervention Programs for the Texas Council on Family Violence. Read More

Showing 10 of 598 Results