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Covid-19 Remote Hearing Resource for Domestic Violence Matters – North Carolina

Stephanie Satkowiak of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts - 2020

This publication, prepared by Stephanie Satkowiak of the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, includes suggested procedural guidelines for domestic violence cases, provisions to enhance safety measures within the courthouse, and technological guidance so... Read More

Tulsa County, OK Protective Order Instructions – COVID-19

District Court in Tulsa County - 2020

This notice, distributed by the District Court in Tulsa County, allows protective order hearings to be conducted by video conferencing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This one-page document specifies that the new policy allows... Read More

E-Filing Memo – Ventura County FJC COVID-19 Court Requests

Ventura County Family Justice Center - 2020

This E-Filings Memo, written by the Ventura County Family Justice Center, petitions for e-filings in Ventura County to better protect survivors stuck at home due to COVID-19. The memo advocates for e-filings in an effort... Read More

Human Trafficking Questionnaire and Guide for Frontline Staff

Alliance for HOPE International - 2020

This questionnaire, with information and advice provided by CAST (Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking), was developed to assist frontline staff with identifying possible survivors of human trafficking during a phone call with a client.... Read More

Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Confidentiality Agreement

Sojourner Family Peace Center - 2020

This VOICES Confidentiality Agreement, created by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, is a template resource for VOICES Chapters to utilize in order to create a confidential, safe space for their VOICES members. The agreement asks... Read More

Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Media Photo Release Form

Sojourner Family Peace Center - 2020

This VOICES Media Release, developed by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, can be utilized as a template resource to draft a media release for Family Justice Centers to utilize VOICES members in promotional materials with... Read More

E-Filings and Virtual Hearings: Providing Easier Access to the Criminal Justice Process Webinar

Survivors have often shared that the courtroom is the most anxiety-inducing place they must go when pursuing safety for themselves and their children. For years, many have been advocating for e-filing policies and virtual hearings... Read More

Criminal Justice Reform and Implications for Survivors of Domestic Violence Webinar

Alliance for HOPE International - 2020

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, three VOICES members speak on the recent calls for criminal justice reform and its implications for survivors of domestic violence. VOICES members Karyn Johnson, Kelsey Sanders, and Jennica... Read More

Addressing Systemic Racism Across All Aspects of Response to Domestic Violence: A Proposal for an Interdisciplinary Action Convening

Ritchie, Williams, Gwinn, Adrine, Wagman, and Campbell - 2020

This proposal for a national convening of interdisciplinary experts and voices aims to determine concrete actions that will contribute to the dismantling of structural racism across systems. The four purposes of the convening, identified in... Read More

On the Edge of Homicide: Strangulation as a Prelude (2011)

Gael Strack and Casey Gwinn - 2011

Published in Criminal Justice by the American Bar Association, this article discusses Strangulation in DV and IPV as a prelude to homicide. Read More

Showing 30 of 661 Results