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Survivor Story – Tara

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2015

Tara thought she was checking into a hotel to celebrate with her boyfriend. What happened was completely different. She was nearly beaten to death, strangled, held against her will and feels that the system let... Read More

Family Justice Center Intake

Anderson and Passantino - 2015

This presentation provides an overview of client services and the intake process in Family Justice Centers. The presentation will highlight the intake process at the Alameda Family Justice Center. The presenters will also cover training... Read More

New Orleans Family Justice Center Annual Report 2014

New Orleans Family Justice Center - 2015

This report documents the outcomes, achievements and statistics of the New Orleans Family Justice Center for 2014. Read More

After the Crisis: A Conversation with Survivors

VOICES San Diego Chapter - 2015

VOICES is a committee of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault who volunteer their time to celebrate their strength and survival. This group of individuals use their collective voice to help others through advocacy,... Read More

VOICES Survivor Defined Success

Burke and Landry - 2015

Founder and Executive Director of the New Orleans Family Justice Alliance, Mary Claire Landry, and project lead for Alliance for HOPE International’s VOICES Survivor Network, Michael Burke will discuss VOICES and Survivor Defined Success. The... Read More

Health Services in Family Justice Centers Toolkit

Alliance for HOPE International - 2015

This toolkit was developed by the Alliance in March of 2015. The purpose of this toolkit is to deliver findings from Alliance pilot studies to FJCs across the nation, and to help implement health assessments... Read More

Domestic Violence Reporting and Referral Project

Larkin and Allison - 2015

Speakers will present on the Domestic Violence Report and Referral (DVRR) Project which was designed to create a seamless bridge between emergency departments, law enforcement, and the Alameda County Family Justice Center (FJC) in Oakland... Read More

The Danger Assessment Implications for Womens Safety

Campbell and - 2015

This session will give participants background and instruction on how to administer the Danger Assessment (DA) tool to victim/survivors, the weighted scoring for the DA, the resulting levels of Danger and what kinds of safety... Read More

Strangulation in the Pediatric Population

Nash - 2014

Presented by: Kim Nash, BSN, RN, SANE-­A, SANE-­P. Evaluation of strangulation in the pediatric population is often overlooked and under assessed. This webinar will discuss strangulation in the living pediatric patient. A brief review of... Read More

Domestic Violence Report, A Special Issue on Strangulation

Civic Research Institute and Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention - 2014

The Domestic Violence Report is a publication of the Civic Research Institute. In this special issue, Editor Kelly Weisberg writes, “We are delighted to present this special issue on Strangulation, a topic of great interest... Read More

Showing 400 of 661 Results