The Alliance hosts monthly national webinars supported by various funders including the Office of Violence Against Women (OVW), Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), and Verizon. These webinars include training on subject-specific matter or those related to the field of family violence and the role of Family Justice Centers in providing wraparound services to clients.

Human Trafficking and the Impact of COVID-19

September 16th @ 10:00am  – 11:30am PT

Domestic and sexual violence agencies have long been acknowledged as a vital pathway to support survivors of human trafficking. Therefore, requests for increased training on how to identify and meet the needs of these survivors are ongoing. With increased homelessness, unemployment, and overall financial strain, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing vulnerabilities, including economic and social inequalities at the root of human trafficking, and increased susceptibility to trafficking and exploitation. Now more than ever, Family Justice Centers need to equip themselves with the knowledge and awareness to support survivors of human trafficking as we continue to navigate the “new normal” of service delivery. Towards that end, this webinar aims to discuss the surge in victimizations that have occurred during COVID-19 and express urgency to respond proactively, as victimizations will continue to increase in the aftershocks of COVID-19. Attendees will walk away with concrete, tangible resources and steps to take that will support survivors of human trafficking in the FJC framework.

On this webinar, attendees gain a deeper understanding of:

  • How to identify and address the needs of human trafficking survivors at FJCs
  • Pandemic-related factors that may increase the risk and susceptibility to human trafficking and disproportionately impact vulnerable populations
  • The intersection of domestic violence and human trafficking, both rooted in power and control, and how DV/SA agencies (and especially Family Justice Centers) can be vital in supporting human trafficking survivors

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