By: Marilyn Stewart

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Though caps and gowns are boxed and stored away, the brightest stars of the class of 2016 continue to shine. Meagan Magaldi, an intern at Catholic Charities’ Project SAVE, is one of them.

Magaldi graduated from Tulane with a bachelor of science in psychology and a bachelor of arts in sociology, degrees she earned simultaneously during her four years of study. Graduate school and obtaining a master’s degree in one year is her next goal, followed by law school.

While Magaldi’s sights are set on a law degree, her heart is in serving others.

“Meagan is such a joy to work with, always loving, kind and quick to think of others first,” Co-worker Vicki Gordy said. “She is totally dedicated to her work in helping the vulnerable.”

Early Monday morning after graduation Magaldi was back at work as a Catholic Charities volunteer at the New Orleans Family Justice Center (NOFJC), a non-profit umbrella organization providing free and confidential legal, law enforcement, social, and healthcare services to domestic violence and sexual assault victims. Project SAVE (Stopping Abuse through Victim Empowerment) partners with the New Orleans Family Justice Center to offer victims emergency legal representation.

“Someday” Magaldi hopes to use her law degree to help families that are adopting, she said. But her work right now on campus and at NOFJC makes “someday” already here.

As a college freshman, Magaldi joined Tulane Students for Life, bringing the group’s active membership to three. By her senior year, the group had grown to 25, and as the group’s three-term president, Magaldi led members to engage others on issues of euthanasia, end-of-life care, stem cell research and other pro-life issues.

Magaldi was first introduced to the pro-life movement in high school when she participated in a March of the Surviving Youth, an event commemorating the “1 in 4” classmates not present due to abortion. Joining with others who were pro-life at Tulane fueled her interest.

“Our mission for Tulane Students for Life is to raise awareness about the dignity of human life,” Magaldi said. “Many are buying into cultural ideas and haven’t thought for themselves. We want to allow people to make fully informed decisions.”

Committed to affirming the dignity of all, even those who disagree, Magaldi’s pro-life group invited abortion advocates and others of differing viewpoints to address their weekly meetings. While some label the group as “pro-birth,” Magaldi stressed that the diverse group of different ethnic, religious, and political backgrounds are “pro-woman” and compassionate towards women.

For women needing healthcare, Magaldi directs them to the Woman’s New Life Center, 2021 Ridgelake Dr. in Metairie, where comprehensive gynecological care, including pap smears, ultrasounds, counseling, and pregnancy and post-partum support are provided free of charge.

“What Planned Parenthood offers [for women’s healthcare] is already available here, free,” Magaldi said.

Genuinely caring for others is the key to the group’s success, Magaldi said. But engaging others in conversation, affirming the dignity of those who disagree, and presenting solid information has earned them a listening ear, Magaldi said.

Information supports the dignity of every human life, Magaldi contends.

“We are the scientific movement,” she added.

Though Tulane Students for Life remains small in number compared to other organizations, Magaldi believes they made a difference.

“I’m excited to see what will come.”

For information, call the New Orleans Family Justice Center at 504.592.4005 or the 24-hr crisis line at 504.866.9554. To contact the Woman’s New Life Center, call 504.831.3117.

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