Once an Informational call has been provided and a contract is completed with the Alliance, the FJCA conducts a Study Tour to better understand the unique community dynamics, history and stakeholders. The Study Tour is critical for strategic planning and allows our team to better tailor the process for your community’s needs. During the Study Tour, the FJCA team meets with stakeholders, hosts a community forum, conducts focus groups with survivors and professionals, meets with elected officials and policy makers, learns about the community’s response to domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault, assesses levels of collaboration and readiness for co-location. This leads to observations of the current system and recommendations for next steps.

Based on the discussions with the Planning Team, the FJCA will either recommend moving forward with the planning process for a Center or recommend additional training, support and technical assistance. In all cases, the Alliance has been able to help communities work through their questions and come to a decision about whether or not they are ready to move forward with a Center or some other steps to improve access to services for survivors in a local community.

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