After the Study Tour/Community Assessment, the FJCA provides services around the creation of the Strategic Planning and the identification of key steps in the implementation process. The Strategic Planning Process, is conducted after the Study Tour, and planned with input from the leadership team and stakeholders. Using the Dimensional Strategy Framework, the FJCA team guides the co288x242-GETINVOLVED-Events-[BLOCKS]mmunity through a 2-3 days strategic planning session that produces the Mission, Vision, Values, and Workgroups necessary to create a successful Center.

The FJCA provides ongoing technical assistance after the strategic planning and can help with the Workgroups during the planning process via webinars, conference calls, and other onsite technical assistance. The FJCA can also provide Centers individual and team coaching along with regular progress reviews, sample policies and procedures, operations manuals, and job descriptions and various toolkits to get the Center up and running.

To request additional information on our services and contract elements, please contact us.